Below are some of the industries that I have expertise in:

Business Income Tax Returns (Corporations, Partnerships, LLC)

Preparation of business income tax returns - Corporations, Partnerships and LLC income tax returns, related schedules, as well as state forms

Personal Income Tax Returns

Preparation of personal income tax returns, Form 1040 and related schedules, as well as state forms.

Country Clubs and Golf Courses

Country Clubs and Golf Courses can be a unique industry.  Many country clubs use industry specific software, such as Jonas or Club Connect, due to the multiple activities occurring simultaneously.  Maintaining compliance with your food and beverage employees and verifying the allocation of the tip pool, if any.  Safeguarding inventory and retaining inventory control with the kitchen staff and your pro shop is very important, otherwise you will see merchandise leave the premises.  Ensuring the proper calculations of sales tax and staying up to date with state legislation, which dictates what could be taxable or not taxable (for example service charges to wait staff, corkage fees, banquet fees, etc.).  I have experience with all of these items and can help you maintain compliance and implement efficient accounting processes and practices.

Property Management

The property management industry has very strict guidelines as far as reporting to the property owners and sometimes this reporting is less than accurate. I have experience assisting companies in this industry reconcile security deposit details as well as updating policies and procedures for accurate and timely reporting.


Transportation can include trucking companies (small or large), tour bus companies. or logistic services. I have extensive experience in these areas, including knowledge in the area of IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement), eligibility for potential credit for federal tax paid on fuels as well as other industry specific experience.

Real Estate

Along with the construction industry, the real estate industry has had a few challenges in recent years. I have had experience with companies in this industry to get the books and records set up and running smoothly, regardless of how many agents the real estate company. If the initial set up is done correctly, you will have less problems going forward in the years to come.


There are many different facets to the agricultural industry, which many times includes various entities and complicated accounting. I have worked with many clients in this field pertaining to reconciling inter-company accounts, reviewing the books and records for employee theft and assisting with information for Blue Book ratings.


The construction industry has had quite the spike in activity in recent years. I have worked with various construction companies during the good times and during the bad. Assisting to tighten budgets and cash flow as well as assisting with checks and balances to verify to the best of our knowledge there was no employee theft during these times. I have also volunteered on the board of the Central Coast Home Builders Association for several years assisting with their books and records as well.


Veterinarians can be very busy practices. I have experience in this field assisting owners verify their mark up on medicines and products are sufficient to cover costs. I have also worked with various companies to implement checks and balances, similar to the medical field, as many times a different billing system is used separate from the accounting system.


In the medical industry it is not uncommon to have either an outside billing company or to use a separate software for billing / accounts receivable collections and the accounting. When these two systems are used, it is possible that the bank reconciliations in the accounting software may not reconcile to the accounts receivable collections in the billing software. I have experience in reconciling these two systems and assisting in implementing procedures so going forward the two systems stay in balance.

Service Industries

Service industries are a very broad range of businesses, including but not limited to advertising, financial services, law firms, marketing, telecommunications companies, consulting firms. I have experience in working in these industries and assisting owners in various capacities to reflect accurate information from their books and records.

Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)

As of March 7, 2017, licensed as a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).Experience with financial analysis, uncovering fraud and embezzlement. Potential asset misappropriation can be overwhelming - adding an experienced fraud examiner to your team can help quantify the loss and ease the anxiety of a stressful situation.